built for abuse

Built for Abuse

Proven Steiner lenses and prisms are built into unbreakable, rubber-armoured Makrolon® polycarbonate or magnesium-alloy binocular housings. For rifle scopes seamless, high-strength alloy scope tubes are used. Then purged, sealed and shielded to be fog-proof, waterproof, impact resistant and immune to extremes of every kind. Now, and for lifetimes to come.


Designed for Comfort

Binoculars rest comfortably in the palms, with rubberized housings and hand-friendly ridges, curves and pads for intuitive use. Scopes have adjustable illumination, oversized knobs, and positive sound/feel feedback for easy settings and repeatable accuracy. Every detail is ergonomically perfect. Because the world never is.

Crafted to See Better, Not Just Further

For over 70 years, Steiner-Optik in Bayreuth Germany, has set the bar in premium long-range optics. Over 460 exacting steps ensure rigorous quality throughout design and manufacture. Relentless innovation creates technologies like the N2 injection system, laser protection filters, Steiner Nano-Protection and Diamond-Night lens coatings. Constant user feedback, from battlefields to birding, keeps performance state of the art. No optics will serve you better.

built for abuse

STEINER genuine quality

Steiner grinds and polishes its own premium lenses and prisms, then multi-coats all air-to-glass surfaces with proprietary coatings for unmatched brightness and clarity.

built for abuse

Unerring Precision

After more than 460 high-precision manufacturing and inspection steps, finished multi-coated lenses and prisms are assembled into unbreakable Makrolon polycarbonate or magnesium alloy binocular housings.

built for abuse

Perfect Coatings

Steiner advanced lens coatings, applied to every air/ glass surface, have evolved to enhance light so your eyes perceive more contrast and brighter detail, even in low light conditions.

STEINER – rugged and reliable

By the use of new high-tech materials Steiner set new standards for optical performance and robustness. Decades of user experience in military sphere lie in our civilian products. That’s why we can say, Steiner manufactures the most rugged binoculars world. Each glass undergoes stringent quality checks. By tests such as collimation, shock resistance, water resistance and temperature resistance it is ensured that all binoculars leave STEINER withstand any extreme.


Porro prism rugged. Steiner reliable.

Steiner porro prism binoculars are extremely tough and dependable, ideal for military and tactical applications. The porro system creates a realistic 3D-image, with maximum depth of field, for accurate evaluation and targeting. Even at extremely long distances, the user can clearly see whether one object is behind or in front of another. With exceptional light transmission, the porro system also provides enhanced clarity in challenging low-light situations.


STEINER Nitrogen-Pressure-System

Fogging up or the formation of condensation inside the binoculars is totally prevented by this high-tech proprietary solution. Even temperature variations between -40 °C to +80 °C do not affect the functionality of STEINER nitrogen-filled binoculars. By 2-way-valve technology, the maintenance of the binoculars is possible at any time even after many years.

More light, better image.

All air-to-glass surfaces of Steiner binoculars and scopes are multi-coated with proprietary, cutting-edge formulations of minerals and rare earth compounds that maximize clarity, color and definition. As the one brand that has developed optics specifically for military service, Steiner is committed to giving you every possible edge.

Built for anything.
Anywhere. Anytime.

Rugged lens construction ensures stability even under severe shock and vibration. Unbreakable polycarbonate binocular housings with stand oils, solvents, heat, cold, sun and saltwater. One-piece nitrogen pressurized 34mm scope tubes are shockproof to 900 Gs. All optics are fog-proof and waterproof, sealed against dust, dirt and moisture. All are immersion waterproof, some to depths 10 meters. Designed with special forces and expert weaponry input, built to strict milspec demands, Steiner optics exceed the need.