Nighthunter 8×30 LRF

The first compact range finding binocular



Hardly any other product embodies the legendary STEINER values for innovation and tradition better than the new STEINER Nighthunter 8×30 LRF.

It combines the high defi nition optical system employed for decades in the tried-and-tested 8×30 hunting range with innovative laser technology for range finding up to 1,700 metres. Their compactness, low weight and functionality mean that the hunter is holding in his hand for the first time a pair of binoculars that creates a whole new class of binoculars

Range finding is the aim

You can determine exact distances during observation with the STEINER Nighthunter 8×30 LRF. Ranging is effected at the press of a button and the distance appears directly on the image. In scan mode continuous ranging can be effected, especially helpful for small or non-stationary targets.The Nighthunter 8×30 LRF provides invaluable service in situations where estimations are difficult and imprecise, such as in unknown or mountainous terrain.
Measuring Range Ranging accuracy
25 to 1,700 m ± 1 m to 300 m
Range dependent of weather and vision ± 2 m to 600 m
Range dependent of weather and vision ± 0,5 % > 600 m


Our outstanding product features:

Laser Range Finder 1,700

Exact determination of range to the observed game or object thanks to laser technology. Distances up to 1,700 m are possible, depending on the surface and the weather conditions.

STEINER High-Definition-Optics

Optimally suited for regular, professional use. A highly specialised coating provides first-class light transmission. The images are pin sharp and of the highest contrast — right to the edge. Diffused light is reduced to a minimum. Contours are always sharp and distinctly visible, even in poor light or at the onset of dusk.

STEINER Sports-Auto-Focus

Once set to the individual visual acuity, all objects from a distance of 20 metres can be ranged giving a precise image rich in contrast that does not require refocusing. A great advantage, especially at night.

STEINER ErgoFlex eyecups

This innovative system offers the user superb viewing comfort and reliable protection against incidental light from the side as well as wind/draughts. The ErgoFlex eyecups are made of non-irritating and non-ageing silicone, which provides a naturally comfortable feeling on the eyes and can also be adjusted three ways by simply folding it over:
1. Ergonomic — for ideal conformity to the shape of the face.
2. Cylindrical — as the classic setting variant.
3. Folded over — for use with eyeglasses.

STEINER ComfortUse

The STEINER binoculars are particularly intuitive in their use. Their particularly balanced grip adjustment functions make them easy to use even with gloves.


High-quality accessories

Every binocular is equipped with carrying strap, rain protection cap / lid for eyepieces and objective covers and is delivered with a high-quality bag.



Item Number 2300
30 mm
Magnification 8 x
Weight 795 g
Width 165 mm
Height 145 mm
Depth 66 mm
Exit Pupil 3.75 mm
Luminosity 14.10
Twilight Factor 15.5
Field of View at 1000 m 114 m
Focusing System Sports-Auto-Focus
Close Focus Range
High-Definition XP-Optics
Nano-Protection Yes
Waterproof Water pressure proof up to 5 m
by 2-way-valve technology
Temperature Range -40 to +80 °C 1)
Eyecups ErgoFlex
Rubber Armouring NBR-Longlife
Carrying Strap wide Neopren comfort strap
Objective Cover Yes
Rain Protection Cap Yes
Bag Yes
Warranty 30 years 2)


  PRICE LIST IDR  24.750.000;-